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Let’s talk about your Makeup tool Kit !

Do you actually have a tool kit ?

Do you have a variety of brushes ? Do you know how to use them ? Do you know the difference between blending and contouring ?

I love, love, love; in particular, my lip pencils and my lip brushes.


They give you the perfect lip definition and application

With your lip pencil you can create the lip that you desire. You can enlarge and define and recreate !

I love mixing up my lip colors. I really enjoy trying to match my lip color to something I am wearing. It’s fun !

I don’t consider myself the most amazing chef. However I am great at create new custom or bespoke lip colors just by mixing and blending as well as makeup application.

Have you ever noticed that one of your friends can apply the same color as you and she can look totally different than you. Why ? It’s all about your pigment and skin color plus body chemistry.

The same applies to perfume ! I tried on a friend’s Tom Ford perfume a few weeks ago. On my friend the scent was hypnotic and memorable.

The same perfume on me was too strong and smelled quite honestly horrible. Love it on other people ! Just not for me !

The same issue can apply to your lip colors. Depending on the pigment mixture used to manufacture the lipstick … it can look totally different on each and every person.

So what do you do to fix it ?

Mix it Up !

Think of yourself as a mad scientist coming up with the perfect recipe to complement your personality and style. Enjoy my friends ! Cheers !