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Hey Lip Lovers!

We don't know about you, but we gals at the Lip Monthly offices are obsessed with Into the Gloss. The blog shares a ton of wise beauty advise and also gets rid of the guesswork that comes into purchasing new products. They'll tell us what works and what doesn't. Easy.

In honour of their 5 year anniversary a few months back, they compiled 100 Beauty Tips and Life Hacks and put them all in a long list of Beauty Goodness. Although we love beauty as much as The Fat Jew loves Sundaes with Friends (see his hilarious cover photo here: we thought that 100 tips are a lot of tips. We're taking one for the team (the Lip Monthly Team!) and compiling the Best Beauty Tips of the Best Beauty Tips. Throughout November and December, we'll send you 5 tips per blog post.

Here you have them, the Best 5 of 20 Beauty Tips and Life Hacks of All Time:

1. When possible, apply your hair masks in the sauna. They will absorb a lot better when the heat opens up the follicle. To further the benefits, do what I do: wear your mask / treatment to the gym. Applying a hair mask is something that we always plan to do but hardly ever happens. Sitting around for half an hour while the stuff absorbs may not seem like such a big deal... it is. If you wear the mask to the gym, you can workout while it absorbs and if a little gets on the floor, who cares! We pay membership fees for a reason. #AmIright?

This could be your pre and after workout shot.

2. Save your mascara spoolies! They are great for so many things. Whenever you wear fake lashes and eyeshadow, some eyeshadow might fall on them you can use a clean spoolie with a touch of water to clean them up. Remember, you don't want to put mascara on fake lashes as it's difficult to clean them and you won't be able to reuse them.

4. Do a circulating box of unwanted makeup with your friends. Toss whatever you haven't used and pass it to a friend, she'll take whatever she wants and toss her own unwanted products. Genius.

3. Add perfume before you exercise. Now, when I first read this I didn't find it terribly smart. Why would I perfume if I'll be sweating soon enough? No, no, no! Do it. Every once in a while you'll get a fresh scent of your perfume and feel proud that amongst all the other weird smells pondering around, you're the carrier of the best one. Confidence boost!

5. Rub a little Vaseline or something similar to it called Un-Petroleum by Alba and dab into the spots where you'll be spraying your favourite fragrance. It helps make it last longer and smell richer.

Stay tuned for the coming 5 tips.


Team Lip Monthly

by: Tamara R. Osnaya