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These past few weeks have brought some crazy weather patterns to most of us right ?

Were you prepared for the storm ?

Did you get to play in the snow ?

Did you run around in the rain ?

Did you stay inside or did you venture outside ?

I am in Florida right now and the weather has been up, down and somewhere in the middle.

So …. Don’t hate me …. But I did get to spend yesterday on the BEACH.

I have spent a great deal of time these past few weeks watching some pre Valentine romantic movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Love is definitely in the Air

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day ? Do you have expectations to receive a gift this year ? Are you thinking about buying a gift for someone ?

I keep hearing messages like “ FOLLOW YOUR HEART “

How do you follow your heart and stay true to your budget / beliefs ?

Why not keep it simple this year ! Sometimes ….. a DIY gift (do it yourself) is far more sentimental and inspiring than spending a bunch on something that might quickly be forgotten.

I have a box collection. I have been collecting boxes for several years.

This past year I gave away a few special boxes to friends and family …. Filled with little treasures, pictures and handwritten notes/ poems.

Everyone loved my gift !

I learned a big lesson. Sometimes the best things are small and thoughtful and most importantly creatively expressed from the heart.

Have you been a Lip Monthly subscriber for the past year. Did you get some items that would maybe suit someone else in your friends or family circle?

Why not …. Put them into a small box …. With a small note ! Happy Countdown to Valentine’s Day !

How about purchasing a Lip Monthly subscription for someone who may not be able to afford to on their own ! Just a thought !!

Love you …. Lip Lovers !!