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Do you know what’s wonderful about February?

It ‘s a great time to reorganize, reconnect, and restart your year.

Every New Years I write out my goals. I usually take the first few weeks of January to refocus and check off the goals that were completed last year and to reflect on those items that were not accomplished.

I love January and February for this Reason …. You can restart and reprogram whatever you didn’t complete on your list. It’s a good time of year to reflect on your ah hah moments. Likewise … it’s really important to re-evaluate why you might not have completed certain goals from the past year.

Sometimes we do not take time to work these big goals into our daily or weekly schedules. Before you know it the year has almost passed and you just give up !

So here’s what I propose ! Today is the day to begin again. NO GUILT and NO SHAME nor ANY REMORSE.

When’s the last time you went through your makeup bag? How about your purse ?

Pour it all out on your bed or kitchen counter or dining room table. Discard the old stuff and make an inventory of things you will need in the next three months.

Subscribing to Lip Monthly is a brilliant way to replenish your makeup kit.

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