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This year in our very own city of Toronto, the MMVA's were hosted for yet another year. The red carpet was full of gowns, cocktail dresses, and even golfing attire. While the rest of the world was checking out the outfits of each celebrity who made their way down the red hot walkway, we here at Lip Monthly were all about their makeup looks.

Although it's June and Toronto has been blazing with heat waves, Lucy Hale made the bold decision to go dark and sharp for her makeup look at the MMVA's this year. She is our number one pick for our favorite makeup styles for the 2016 MMVA's for her ability to bring winter time makeup trends into the summer... and successfully at that!

Her bold burgundy/plum lipstick perfectly matches her nail colour. This bold theme is carried through colour scheme, but also in the bold shading of her eyebrows.

With a standout lip colour like that, it's only fitting to balance out the look with an equally bold brow so the top and bottom halves of your face nicely compliment one another. We especially enjoyed how her sparkling silver dress perfectly picked up the intense highlighter on her cheek bones. An absolutely divine makeup look!

Gigi Hadid sported the most perfect candy apple red lip for the carpet. Not only did she rock those ruby lips, but she matched her two piece suit AND her shoes to them as well. At first glance her eyes seem to be very naturally coloured, almost tan or bronze.

At second glance though you can see the orange tones her makeup artist added on her upper lids. This ever so subtle orange shadow picks up the red in her cheeks and carries the red theme from her toes all the way to her eyes. Stunning!

Bethany Mota is another one of our favorite makeup looks on the MMVA 2016 red carpet for her simplicity. Her theme seemed to have been the classic nude and natural glow. Her shoes, dress slip and lips all kept in line with the nude theme.

This makeup trend is a classic and will never go out of style so long as the "au natural" glow is alive. We love this look because it's not over done and perfectly carries through the navy blue and nude contrast using eyeliner and a layer of tinted lip gloss to match the nude tones of her eye shadow too. This look is timeless and is so very appropriate for the first award show to ring in the summer season.

Our final favorite makeup look from the MMVA's has to be Chloe Wilde. She is another daring celebrity that took the chance to sport dark shades in the summer heat. The dark eye shadow and liner definitely make her eyes pop, but what did it for us were her rosy cheeks!

The shade of blush used for her makeup look brightens up her entire face. It's amazing how one item of makeup is able to transform an entire look. Had she used a darker shade of blush, she would have gone from summer-transition to winter wonderland, leaving Chloe looking confused on what season Toronto is in! We also couldn't resist the highlighter below her brow... the perfect compliment to her rosy summer time cheeks.

Let us know which makeup looks were your favorite from the 2016 MMVA's. Tell us how you would improve these looks, or try to recreate them with products found in your very own Lip Monthly bags! We would love to see some reimagined looks from the MMVA's. Impress us with your makeup skills!

--The Lip Monthly Team

Written by: Daniela Di Vito