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Do you need help with your Makeup ?

Do you have some issues that need special attention ? Rosacea or dark circles or blemishes ?

Does it stress you out ?

Have you wondered how your friends can do their makeup in ten minutes or less ?

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Remember that Makeup Artistry is learning to highlight your key facial attributes as well as learning how to creatively diminish certain areas of your face.

Contouring is a fantastic way to create cheekbones and to redesign your facial structure using makeup.

As a Makeup Artist I believe in using a corrective camouflage cream. Thanks to their dense texture, camouflage cream palettes allow any type of correction including redness, dark circles, lines etc. There are a variety of good ones on the market. For myself, I love a product by Lise Watier that includes a purple and green corrective cream. To cover my dark circles I use a sponge to lightly layer a covering of purple cream underneath my eye. Next ... I layer with my sponge a covering of camouflauge cream a color that matches my skin color.

What about using a concealer ? Concealers are great. However, you will find that there is more pigment contained in a good camouflauge product. You can hide an unwanted blemish or even a tatoo. The trick is in lightly layering the product using a sponge.

How to use Concealers:

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