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We can all use a little help when it comes to de-cluttering our ever expanding makeup collection, which is why we've decided to try out this adorable Do-It-Yourself project to make your lives easier (and cuter)!

First, you'll need:

-At least 1 jar or container

-1 bag of plastic animal toys

-1 container of super glue

-Spray paint of your choice

*All but the spraypaint were found at a local dollar store. The spray paint can be found at any craft or hardware store.

We started out by picking out our favourite animals out of the package, a lion and an elephant, and determined where on the lid we were going to place them (you can eye-ball where the middle of the lid is, or use a marker and a ruler -- marks won't matter as we will be painting over it).

Once you've determined where you want to place the animals, it's time to take out your super glue. As the glue does dry very quickly, you should be prepared to work quickly with this part of the project. You can just lift up every individual foot of the animal to make it work, or if you decided to use a marker, place a dab of glue on each marked spot. Once you've stuck on the animal, press down for approximately 30-60 seconds to make sure it's really stuck on. For extra assurance, you can make little rings of glue around each foot to make sure that it is completely secured.

Now that the animal is attached to the lid, all there is left is to paint! We've chosen gold, but feel free to pick whatever colour you like best (for best results, try a different colour for each jar!). Be sure to paint outside because this part is not only messy but smelly! Be sure to paint thoroughly and let sit for a couple of hours.

And voilà! Chic and sweet little animal storage jars.

Be sure to let us know what DIY projects you want us to try out next!

Happy crafting!


Lip Monthly Team