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Happy Monday, #lipmonthly ladies! Here at our offices, we always find inspiration for beauty and fashion looks from a number of resources; Instagram, Pinterest, fashion shows, blogs…but most importantly, our inspiration comes from books.

We have curated a list below of the absolutely necessary 5 books for fashion, beauty, and style. Any additional books you have on your shelf? Comment below and let us know!


#1: Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman

If you haven’t read her enchanting blog posts already, this book is for you. Emily shows you for each season what your closet staples should be, how to wear them, makeup trends for each season, and her own personal party tips including recipes. This book is seriously religious for any girl who needs to throw a party ASAP and still look amazing.


#2: Lauren Conrad Beauty by Lauren Conrad

This book is an amazing work by Queen LC herself. With tips and tricks about your hair issues, skin problems, and what colours suit your skin tone, Lauren has made it super easy for us girls to find all the tricks of the trade in one spot without a hassle. I especially love the photography in this book which inspires me all on its own!


#3: Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset

After reading the interviews in this book with notable designers and stylists alike, my views of the fashion world have been completely altered. I am now consistently obsessing over the trends of the Parisian girl, and how she carries herself in a chic way with minimal effort. All the designers remark how true you should be to your own individual style and how fashion is all about putting together an outfit, not just by labels. Truly insightful but still awe-inducing looks in this pick.


#4: If You Have To Cry Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone

She is an absolute power b#!%@ in the PR world, and this book proves to us readers that Kelly Cutrone is not immune to rejection, sadness, drive, and determination when it comes to work and life. The media mogul started from the bottom, used her own connections to build People’s Revolution, and even had enough time to raise a daughter in between all the craziness. This book is so useful for any girl pursuing a career in fashion and beauty.


#5: The Teen Vogue Handbook
Lastly, this book answers all your remaining questions about breaking into a career in fashion. Whether your interest be in photography, editing, writing, or designing, this book provides insight from the editors at Teen Vogue and those working in the industry. Not to mention, this book shows a lot of past covers of Teen Vogue and Vogue, which obviously inspires us to get a whole new wardrobe and makeup collection!


So, #lipmonthly, another blog post done! We do hope you go out and pick up at least 1 of these books to add to your collection; you surely won’t regret it. We believe knowledge is power, and often times the best knowledge is provided in books.
So grab a cup of coffee (or a Starbucks Venti PTL) and sit down with one or all of these reads. Guaranteed you will be strutting your glam look all around town with your newfound determination and style!

Any books YOU prefer? Comment below with the #lipmonthly!