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How’s it going, #lipmonthly loves! Here at the offices, we are always searching through Instagram for the hottest looks in makeup, fashion and more.

Particularly, we are always OBSESSED with everything Kylie Jenner! Her fashion trends are hot before they hit the streets, her makeup is flawless, and her hair is coloured and cropped in the best way possible.
So, today we are going to provide you #lipmonthly gals the tips and tricks you need to look like Kylie Jenner.


Step 1: Makeup


When Kylie wakes up in the morning, we know the first thing she does is apply her makeup. To follow suit, apply your favourite foundation, concealer, and contour your face with powder and bronzer. Lightly fill brows with a pencil.
Her lips take a bit more of an expert touch:
—First prep and prime your lips with a scrub followed by a lip primer.
—-Grab your lip liner and carefully trace the outside of your lips to make a larger lip effect. Then fill in with the pencil.
——Apply lipstick over the liner of your choice for a smooth, even look.

Step 2: Hair


Kylie has us all lusting for short, cropped locks since she boldly chopped and coloured her once long tresses.
Go to your favourite hair stylist and ask for a lob (long bob). It should hit just at your collarbone or slightly above, and have razored ends for a finished look.
Opt for dip-dye and coat the 2” and 3” ends of your new cut and lighten with bleach, followed by a turquoise hair colorant to give you the bold colour look.

Step 3: Fashion


Kylie is no stranger to wearing the best clothes in LA. We at #lipmonthly favour this white monochromatic look, complete with harem pants and a cropped tank top. Her other looks are usually embellished with a leather jacket or a plaid flannel tied around her waist. Her style is adventurous, and the easiest way to get style like hers is try everything and anything!

Step 4: Accessories


Our favourite part of Kylie’s look is how she always has the best bag, piece of jewellery, or shoe to complete her look.
She has made chokers from the ’90s look totally awesome, and she goes an extra mile by layering other pieces like above.


Here it is, #lipmonthly ladies! All our tips for you to look like you stepped out of Kylie Jenner’s room (without even trying!).
Now on Instagram, Kylie won’t be the only one rocking the hottest trends — you will too!

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