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Happy Monday, #lipmonthly ladies! We have been keeping up with all the latest trends in everything autumn related, and we have to address one key part that needs to be fully decked out in fall colours and designs: your NAILS :)

Read on to see our top list of the 3 best colours and 3 best designs for your nails this season. Don’t forget to post your nail looks by tagging #lipmonthlynails!


Look #1: Nude Nails

This look is probably the easiest to pull off because it’s super natural. Nude nails are all over the runways, allowing us to focus on the great outfits and jewelry of fall. Use a matte topcoat for an even more subdued look.


Look #2: Grey Nails

Grey is such an understated neutral; looks sharp against white and black, and cool against a baby blue dress. This colour is super simple to pull off and pulls together all your outfits.


Look #3: Teal Nails

We are obsessing over this mermaid inspired look of teal nails for fall! This shimmery colour is bright and bold but again goes great with all your neutrals, and pops up against a bright red lip or oxblood.


Look #4: Half Moon Design

If you want to really experiment with colour on your nails, you can opt for a half moon shape at the base of your nail using a sticker and painting above it. We have seen the trend be done with a red half moon and nude nail, or a nude half moon and red nail. Each allows you to play up the look differently.


Look #5: Accent Nail Design

This trend first introduced a year back is still a trend worth following! We love how the model in this picture wears nude nails with an accented nail with a decal placed on top. Gives the look a very subdued effect but allows you to show off your latest nail sticker or drawn design.


Look #6: Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles Design

Glitter has never looked so glam. Worn all together on short nails, sparkles look glitzy and special with all your outfits. They can update your basic jeans and a t-shirt look, or make your cocktail dress fully party perfect.


There you have it, #lipmonthly subscribers!
We are loving these nail trends and totally pumped to rock them at the #lipmonthly offices!
Let us know what you think of the trends and tag us on social media with your nail look :)

See you on Friday with a new post written by the staff of #lipmonthly :)